As an umbrella body for tobacco harm reduction advocates and organizations in Africa, we promote partnerships for harm reduction at national, regional and international levels, and provide platforms through various forums to allow for information and experience sharing among tobacco harm reduction advocates. 

We work to build up local THR organizations so that they can do more to support the movement in their respective countries themselves. This includes helping national tobacco harm reduction movements in Africa work better and grow. We develop and strengthen the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that tobacco harm reduction organizations in our need to survive, adapt, and thrive.

Capacity building helps maintain our focus and determine the best ways to deliver our vision and mission. We create and maintain strong foundations for projects, measure internal effectiveness and external impact, and plan and cultivate strategic relationships. Campaign for Safer Alternatives works to foster tobacco harm reduction capacity across Africa. Overall, our capacity building efforts focus on building collaborative networks and developing the skills and tools needed to create, reinforce, and support tobacco harm reduction programs and infrastructures.